Why Invoice2go

At Invoice2go we understand that if you have customers, then you need a simple method of invoicing. Over a million businesses around the world rely on the simplicity and power of Invoice2go everyday.

We deliver one of the most innovative and dependable cloud-based invoicing programs on the market. Our customers love our straight forward approach and have seen clear business benefits in no time at all.

Invoice2go is a fast growing company who has developed a suite of mobile products for small business. We realize that as business owners you don’t have time for paperwork and want a solution that is reliable, simple to use and makes sense – a solution that does just what you need, efficiently and without the complexity of big bulky accounting tools.

As a company we want to empower business operators to positively control their cash flow irrespective of their technical know how. Our Invoice2go suite of products form an essential tool of the trade that takes the stress out of your administration.