Excellent - Very easy to use and upload logos. Professional looking pdf documents. By far the best solution for a small business. I have scrapped quikbooks, and saved time and headache.
Kenyon - Android User
Amazing!! - Use this for my home based IT business, couldn't ask for much more! The tablet version will be appreciated :-) well worth the money!
Eric - Android User
From the moment I opened the trial of Invoice2go, I knew I want to purchase it ... thanks for your great product and service!
Cindi Ward - TLW Lawn Services
Get this app! - Just what I was looking for. Was able to finally ditch my Windows laptop. Thanks!
David - Android User
Perfect. - Title line says it all. I use it to manage my small business, and could not be happier. Definitely worth the price
James - Android User
I have been privy to many invoicing tools, but this is simply the best for a variety of reasons - it truly is outstanding!
Andrew Maclaren - Wellington
As a consultant, I currently do my invoices by hand, which is how I came across your software. It is very impressive.
Chris Roberts - Calgary
Best App, bar none - Hands down, this app is amazing. Very versatile and organized. Support is realy quick as well.
Chris - Android User
Awesome! keeps me organized and paperless - I tried the free version out then paid for pro. It is easy to use and sends professional looking invoice quickly. I Am a mobile PC tech and have been using this app for a couple weeks with no complaints. I like the fact that I can CC my email all the invoices, it makes it easy to keep track of paid and unpaid customers. Way better than paper invoices!
Reuben - Android User
So far the best app ever - This has made my life stress free, since the cloud was added to the program, now I no longer have recreate my invoices twice. Create it once on the phone, press sync on the pc side and done..with the cloud and invoice 2 go, this has freed up allot of extra time for me too. Any self employed business man or woman should invest in this app. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone.
Steven - Android User
Awesome program by the way. It absolutely runs rings around anything else I've tried.
Steve Botfield - Edmonton
Great piece of software & good tech support response. Well done.
A.G Mitchell - Engineer
Invoice2go had been so easy to learn - virtually no learning curve.
Barbara Mc Farland - New Jaersey
I couldn't figure out complex accounting packages, so this was perfect for me.
Dave Thomas - Melbourne