Apple loves us too!

by Invoice2go Team on 2012-08-17
Thanks Apple for the love, you really didn't have to go and create an awesome screencast for Invoice2go on iPad but you did and we thank you for the lovely surprise. We love your screencast so much we think it should maybe replace our own? Who knows they are both great and they both show how much easier it is to do things on your tablet than on just about any other device around. The fact is productivity apps and the iPad were made for each other.

Check out Apple's screen cast below and checkout our own screencast here. Which do you think is better? While you're at it you can download the latest Plus version of Invoice2go onto your iPad and see for yourself what Apple is talking about.

Invoice2go Plus is now available for iPhone and iPad

by Invoice2go Team on 2012-08-16
Invoice2go Plusis now available on iOS. What does the plus stand for? Universal of course. Invoice2go Plus is a universal app which means it will work on your iPad and iPhone. Invoice2go Plus will also enable you to try free of charge all of the Invoice2go functionality including cloud syncing and all the Apps2go add-ons. So now when you setup a new company it will automatically create a cloud account for it.
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You can then login to this account and access all of your documents from any device you have which has Invoice2go Plus installed, or from the Invoice2go Web App. The best thing about using the web app is it has a built in, drag and drop template editor that enables you to fully customize the style of your invoice and estimate documents. If you’re new to Invoice2go then the Plus version on iPhone and iPad is the one you want to try out first.

Android Tablet version is here

by Invoice2go Team on 2012-07-13
Android is a force to be reckoned with in the phone market but now with the imminent release of the Nexus 7 we have a feeling Android tablets are going to be “so hot right now”. That’s why we are very pleased to announce that Invoice2go for Android is now optimised for Tablets as well as Phones.
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After driving the new Invoice2go app on Android I have to say it’s got the best of everything. The interface is super sexy and if you have used Invoice2go on any other device before this you’ll already know what to do. Not only that, it’s quick and it feels super snappy! Even better when you’re using Jelly Bean.

Android just keeps getting better so I’m glad we started developing for it several years ago. It’s given us time to get the product mature in time for when the platform is realising its true potential.

All set for world domination with our new website

by Invoice2go Team on 2012-07-13
With our new website, we are all set for world domination. And we are serious. We have been working hard for the last two years to get to this point. The new website brings it all together but the substance lives in the apps and the cloud which we have chipped away at day-in day-out, while listening to your feedback. We never wanted to create a one size fits all website solution. We wanted to build a solution which would be optimised for every device so that you can take full advantage of your fancy new phone, tablet or computer.
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But it’s not all about fancy new phones and tablets. Don’t forget about the cloud. The cloud is your new best friend. Invoice2go apps are connected to a reliable cloud to make your life much easier. When you get a new device you just login and get everything. If you lose a device you just pick up another one, login and get everything back. No more worrying about backups ever again. That’s a nice feeling.

So what’s next? Let’s just say this is only the beginning. Invoice2go has a great team of developers and support personnel who thrive on making invoicing and business tasks easy and even dare I say it … fun.